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    June 9, 2015
    Song: Only One You might recall that I shared this song as an acoustic demo back in January this...
    April 22, 2015
    Song: American Babylon Do what you want.  Do what they say. Freedom's on it's way. And in the...
    April 12, 2015
    Song: Wild So damn easy, getting lost inside her yesterday. Moving slowly, I didn't have enough...

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    I spent much of my early childhood hanging out at a dive bar owned by my grandmother, located in the wilds of Pennsylvania. My dirt bike and the jukebox were my main sources of distraction and obsession. When the jukebox manager came around to switch out the 45s, my grandma would give me the discarded ones, which I wore out on a portable record player. It's hard to point to main influences because there are so many ― a combination of crooners, country, R&B, rock & roll, 70's AM-radio and legendary songwriters have inspired me. I still lean toward a throwback sound, which I think is probably evident. Thanks for listening and checking all of this out. ~Tony T.

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