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In My Life

Song: In My Life
I'm making a soul confession - 
I have given my last concession tonight.
Travel far to wonder, why the over, 
not the under is tight.
Oh so tight.
Even though it's a long progression,
Can I give up my heart's obession tonight?
Put me back to where I started, 
before I join the dear departed...
Right? Isn't that right?
Can't seem to see forever - 
I feel like it's now or never.
Drawing close and closer to the night.
You tell me it's oh so tragic if I don't believe in magic,
Here's hoping your love erases all the empty spaces
In my life.
Being hunted down by sorrow,
I'm running fast, but no tomorrow's in sight.
All my dreams evaporating
as I sit here lost and praying for light - 
A glimpse of light.
I live with no direction.
Can I make a soul connection take flight?
All my hopes are masqueraded,
cause my heart's been so ill-fated...
Right? Isn't that right?
If I don't believe in magic,
You tell me it's oh so tragic.
Drawing close and closer to the night.
Well maybe there's no forever,
Still we can be together.
Was hoping that your love erases 
all the empty spaces in my life.
In my life
in my life
in my life
in my life