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Devil's Arms

Song: Devil's Arms

In a life, no one can tell, lies a secret hell.

Breast from bone, she walks away,

without a word to say.

Her followers are there at best just company
They veil a lonely life, the world can never see.
She keeps falling, falling through a world of make believe,
as the band plays on.
Lord she's breaking, breaking in the Devil's arms

Innocence can't break the spell, 
once blood's drawn from the well.
Chance of love gets swept away,
without the light of day.
Her love of fame becomes a game of infamy.
Locked inside a room for everyone to see.
I've been waiting, waiting, waiting 
for her to dance with me, 
but the band has gone.
Lord, she's breaking, breaking in the devil's arms
Now she's breaking - taken in the Devil's arms.
Now she's breaking, breaking in the Devil's arms
In a life no one can tell, lie a secret...