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Tomorrow's Back Today


Time. Why don't you know me?
Time. Why won't you show me?
Any lies you want to say,
you know it feels like heart.
I can't run far away, 
I'm always caught in 
Time. I can get lonely.
Time. Heaven is only.
All about a life in play.
You know I've played my part.
I can't ride all the way.
I'm stuck right here in
Time. Followed where I go.
Haunt me where I stay.
Left me there to find
Tomorrow's back today.
I can't find find my love.
I have lost my soul.
There's only one thing to say
Tomorrow's back today.
I can't hide my eyes
I have lost my song
Holding onto the prey
But everything feels wrong.
All the light I've known.
All the doubt I've shown.
Left me here to say.
Tomorrow's back today.
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